What is coaching?

Through a partnership between the coach and the client, coaching provides an environment of structure, accountability and support that empowers individuals to reach personal and/or professional goals that are deeply important to them.

Coaching is a powerful and effective way to overcome the challenges that have prevented you from reaching your goals.  Working together, we will:

  • Explore your current way to approach situations and how this may limit you in moving forward and achieving your goals
  • See new possibilities and understand the importance of doing things differently to get different and better results
  • Build new competencies and embody lasting behavioral changes to achieve outcomes that deeply matter to you

 Coaching can help you to achieve personal and/or professional goals:

  • Improve your health, relationships, career
  • Overcome struggles and challenges
  • Live a more fulfilled personal and/or professional life
  • Remove the blockages and guide you to make sustainable and lasting progress

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About Integral Coaching

Chantal is an Integral Professional CoachTM. Integral Coaching® is a complex and effective methodology that enables progressive and lasting change to achieve personal and professional goals. Integral Coaching® includes frameworks and developmental principles based on Integral Theory, which is widely recognized as the most comprehensive and coherent knowledge framework available. It is an approach to understand and support the client that is powerful and provide results.